#318 Plans

I didn’t get to play with the Zojirushi mini bread machine today because we got busy with other things 🙂 That’s ok! I did find, download and print out the instruction manual/recipe book though. I’ve read through it thoroughly and am totally prepared 😉

As for the baby crock pot, the oatmeal/porridge was deliciously soft and unctuous this morning! It was heavenly 🙂 I will be doing that again and can see it being a favourite for the winter months. We have an appointment for one of the kids in the morning, it’s time his cast to come off and then we are headed to a place called Adventure World. It’s not far from where we live and has great swimming pools and water playgrounds, rides and all sorts of fun stuff. It’s expensive to get in so it works out cheaper for us to buy a season pass on discount on Groupon. I did it last year as part of a family Christmas gift to ourselves and I saved up and did it again. Tomorrow will be 37 degrees celcius and the perfect day for our first early summer swim. xo

Essential summer footwear shopping 🙂 Cheap and cheerful!

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