#319 The good kind!

I’m am tired, the best kind of tired πŸ™‚ I smell of sunshine and warm summer haze. It was hot today, but lovely. The music playing on the car radio seemed to be supplying tunes strictly beffitting summertime. Our warmest season, officially begins on the first of December, however, I believe a day of thirty nine degrees definitley qualifies as summer weather here in Perth. Christmas is on the way and we have one more child’s birthday celebration, on Monday to be exact. Our youngest will reach double digits and he is so excited πŸ™‚ I am savoring each and every day of life. We went swimming after our appointment and it was a lot of fun.

Adventure World has all types of rides for different ages, loads of pools and water park areas. It really is a great place and the only place near by where we can swim recreationally. The bigger kids went on the big rides, including the rollercoaster. Myself and the littlest went to his favorite place Dragon Kingdom.

The best part was when we all swam and laughter together. Also ice cream on the way home was pretty great. Wishing you a happy weekend πŸ™‚ xo

Map of Adventure World πŸ™‚

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