#324 Little Loaves

I have finally been testing out my little Zojirushi bread machine and I’m happy to report that it makes delicious bread! I’m looking for a recipe for bread that my sister in law brought over once from a farmers market. It was filled with figs, dates and spices and I don’t know what else, except that it was scrumptious. I really want to give it a try in one of the bread machines!

I also put a beef roast in my little vintage crockpot this morning. We had that, along with buttered Brussels sprouts and roasted paprika and garlic carrots, and gravy of course! The kids are into pancakes at the moment so I’ve made those two days in a row 🙂 It’s nice filling tummies. I’m hoping for a big sleep tonight and maybe even a sleep in. Our day is our own tomorrow and we’ll probably go to the library as I have overdue books. Tonight I’m going to watch a movie called The Favorite. I rented it for 99cents. Tell you all about it tomorrow. xo

Oh oh! Forgot the picture of the finished loaf. I’ll add it tomorrow 😉

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