#338 Tea & Cake

Cake, sympathy, kind of the same thing, just in different form 😉

I recalled rock cakes from my childhood for some reason last night. I looked up a couple of recipes, found one on BBC Good Food and made them today. They were good and comforting especially with a lovely hot cuppa!

So many ways to care for ourselves and others. I had such a nostalgic longing for these cakes and honestly the taste and texture, together with the tea was the hug I needed. My Mama will be down in a few weeks and I can’t wait for hug from her. Actually there is a lot of hugging going on at our place. That’s not unusual, I guess I’m just especially grateful for them. I send my eldest a text message every day and I call the hospital and to see how he is. He’s not ready or well enough to talk to any one yet, so I send the messages so he knows I’m thinking of him and that he’s not alone. I make many phone calls during the day advocating for him. It’s all I can do.

The rest of the time I do my usual stuff and hang out with the little fruits and share in the excitement of Christmas preparations. Our tree is up and sparkling and some gifts are already underneath it. Tomorrow we are going swimming, it’s quite hot at the moment, so that will be fun 🙂 Hope you are happy and well and that life is kind to you. xo

I remembered to get an after picture 🙂

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