#354 Friday night fun!

Ahhhh the dark clouds over my head are starting to pass and even though I don’t know what tomorrow is going to hold, I feel more hopeful. I’ve spoken with my eldest and it was sweet, sad, happy, emotional, everything really. He’s still unwell but we managed to talk anyway and most importantly we got to say I love you to each other. I’ve been sending him a message every day since he’s been in hospital. I think that even when he’s so unwell it’s crucial he can still hear me saying I love you, in some way or other. Mr Notebook and I call the hospital everyday to check in and see how he’s doing. He’s still at the hospital two hours away and on the waitlist to be transferred closer to home. He doesn’t usually want visitors when he’s in hospital, but who knows, this time could be different. At least if he’s closer, at the usual hospital we can deliver care packages for him. I was hoping he would be back closer to home before Christmas, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, which makes me a little sad. That’s kind of selfish of me in a way. I just miss him very much. The positive way to think about it is that he is safe and finally getting treatment and on his way to wellness. He deserves to be well and that is more important than anything. 💜

Everyone is busy and happy doing things this evening. I’m challenging myself with folding and putting away the clean washing 😉 There is a mountain of it! Mama is leaving home at 3am to begin the journey to stay with us over the holidays. Can’t wait to see her and get a mama hug. I need it for sure. She will arrive sometime on Sunday and I’m thinking about what I could make for dinner that she loves.

I also have my yearly writing project to get on with. I have started, but I’m not really into it. It’s okay though because I have plenty of time. My second child, my only daughter has started her first job and really enjoying it, which is great.

Anyway, I wish you love and kindness and hope you have a happy weekend. xo

Proof 🙂

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