#363 Experimenting

Today I was busy sourcing casual but smart clothes for the younger three boys. The event is a family wedding on the 3rd. It’s taking place in a little town named Pemberton at a place called The Whispering Woods. We will be staying in Pemberton for three nights. I’m looking forward to our little road trip.

I’ve been missing my eldest very much and was so happy we spoke again today on the phone💕 It doesn’t sound much, but at the moment it means a lot. Being able to say “I love you” and hearing “I love you mum“ is everything. I gave him everybody’s love and he spoke to Mama as well which made me quite emotional. I will always be grateful for the love of my family 💜

I got to do some experimenting with my new gadget which was fun 🙂 xo

Another awesome treasure found under the Chrissy tree 😊

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