#364 Dentist & Shoes

Today I took my youngest son to the dentist. He did really well and we now have a great dentist for all the kids. Her name is Nikita and she was so great. It was her personality and care that really stood out. There are so many good people around and that makes me happy to be in the world. After the dentist, we went home for a late lunch and then we headed out to find shoes for our eleven year old. He’s the one who had surgery on his right foot. We had to wait for it to heal awhile before buying new shoes. He has an appointment coming up for arranging the same surgery for his left foot, but that’s a few weeks away yet. Now he’s been through the experience before he’s not anxious at all, which is great.

He settled on some really cool Vans sneakers and got an amazing pair of Beatles Yellow Submarine socks that he adores 🙂 He likes the Beatles music and even got a Beatles Yellow Submarine LEGO set for Christmas. He’s built it already 🙂 We had a couple of other errands to run and then we came home and relaxed. We all watched a movie together and here I am at the end of another day 🙂

Tomorrow we are staying home and I have some organizing I’m looking forward to doing. I need to make a space for my Davenport so I can use it everyday and I have a few things to fix, like a globe, and also some pants to mend for my daughter. My desk needs sorting out and I need to file away my 2019 diary and other bits and pieces. I think we will have a bbq dinner for New Year’s Eve. I’ll make some salads as accompaniments. I need to get some cards ready, one for the wedding and a thank you card for our friend who is coming to feed our pets while we are away for three days. I’m also going to get her a cute journal, matching pen and watercolor paper as a thank you gift as her birthday is coming up too. Some of the kids like to stay up for New Years Eve so I will do my best to keep my eyes open 😉 It’s a special night, the eve of a whole new year for all of us, a time to be hopeful for the future and thankful for each other and all our blessings. 💜

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