#354 Friday night fun!

Ahhhh the dark clouds over my head are starting to pass and even though I don’t know what tomorrow is going to hold, I feel more hopeful. I’ve spoken with my eldest and it was sweet, sad, happy, emotional, everything really. He’s still unwell but we managed to talk anyway and most importantly we got…

#353 Still reading :)

I’m almost finished my current read. I’m leaving another cute cat picture for you to enjoy 😉 I’m could be working on some more writing as well as writing here, however, reading is floating my boat so I’m sticking with that. xo

#352 Halfway

I’m about that far into the the book I’m reading. I’m enjoying it 🙂 When I disappear into a story it takes my mind off other things. A holiday for my mind, like meditation, but different 😉 So that’s what I’m doing tonight. xo

#351 Healing

We can’t know what the future holds. We don’t even know for certain what will happen from one day to the next. There are always surprising events of various types. You need to be okay with the uncertainties of life and to make the most of all the moments and interactions. It’s not always easy…

#350 Better

I can talk a lot. Sometimes it’s better to listen. That’s all I have tonight. xo

#349 Like or Loathe?

I was on YouTube just relaxing and came upon this really interesting video about Sardines. I remember my Mama making us sandwiches that had sardines in them along with loads of other things, and they were really delicious. It made me realise that as an adult I don’t really eat them and I have no…

#348 It’s late

Life isn’t perfect, but I’m happy to say that good moments are still to be found. Wishing you an abundance of good moments. xo

#347 Snuggles

When we got these two adorable creatures as kittens they always slept together 💕Nothing has changed 🙂 Sibling love 💜 Life is better with cats 🐈

#346 Surprise with friends :)

Today some friends came and picked me up and took me away for an overnight city stay 🙂 We shopped, had lunch, shopped some more and talked. We laughed all day and into the evening, sharing company and food 💕 We swam in a pool thirty storeys high! Amazing. I’m so grateful for my friends…