2020 Week 3

How has another week passed so quickly? I’m only writing once a week and for some reason it feels like the days are flying past at an even faster rate. Our eldest gets discharged from hospital tomorrow and is going to new accommodation. He has two housemates and a woman named Sue manages the house….

2020 Week 2

It’s been both busy and relaxing around here at different times. We have been doing all sorts around the place over the weekend, including putting together a desk and taking a bed apart for one of the fruits. He is pretty happy with his room now, although it could use some more pictures or some…

2020 Week 1

Welcome to my new experiment 🙂 This year I’m going to write once a week. I’ve got another project for the year too. I want to try making a recipe video once a month. I know nothing about video production or editing but am certain that the womb fruits will give me a few pointers…

#365 To new beginnings :)

It’s day 365! I can hardly believe it. I’ve been writing for a year. I completed a project 🙂 Happy New Year to you and may the coming year bring you much joy. I know today is supposed to mark the end of my daily writing, but it feels more like the beginning to me….