2020 Week 1 New Year Adventures

Welcome to my new experiment 🙂 This year I’m going to write once a week. I’ve got another project for the year too. I want to try making a recipe video once a month. I know nothing about video production or editing but am certain that the womb fruits will give me a few pointers 🙂

We just arrived home from our three day trip to Pemberton. I love it there, it’s so beautiful with all the old trees and forests. Karri Valley is just stunning. The wedding we went down for was gorgeous. It was strange that the weather was freezing cold though, as it’s almost the middle of the west Australian summer. Luckily the chalet had a gorgeous little pot belly stove, which is a type of wood burning contained fireplace. I’m sure there’s another name for them but I can’t recall it.

It was lovely to be with my in laws and the kids had a great time with their cousin and grandparents. They went out to a lovely winery restaurant for lunch. I stayed back with the youngest and relaxed for the first time in awhile. We played spotlight at night with the kids and we BBQ’d and talked and laughed. Unfortunately we hit a kangaroo on the way back to the chalet the night of the wedding. Sometimes Roos will just jump into the side of your car and that’s exactly what happened. There was no avoiding it 😦 The roads are gravel too and narrow. We stopped and Mr Notebook got out to check the poor roo. He thought he may have to do a kindness and not let it suffer. This upset him a great deal. When he checked for a pulse before taking action, he found that the poor creature had passed. I was in the car with the kids who were understandably upset, when I watched Mr Notebook get his phone out and turn the torch on. He got down on the ground and it was then I realised that he was checking the animals pouch to ascertain whether or not there was a little Joey inside. He got up and I saw his face crumple. My heart went out to him in that moment. I watched as he quickly regained his composure. He came to me and said that if the Joey was still attached to it’s mamas teat that your not meant to remove it, but have to remove the teat with the Joey. We had no instruments available to do what needed to be done. Feeling devastated, he went back to the mama roo and checked the Joey again. It had released itself from the teat! This was good news for us as it meant that maybe the little one could be saved. Mr Notebook, by this time being helped by our daughter and nephew, called the native animal rescue service to get advice as how best to proceed.

My daughter got the little bean out of her mothers pouch and carefully cradling her, got into the car and put the little bean onto her chest to keep her warm as advised. They couldn’t get anyone out that night as it was past midnight by this time. The wildlife rescue lady texted us instructions, which we followed. Our daughter looked after the bean all night, in front of the fire to help keep her warm enough. She did such an amazing job. In the morning when Mr Notebook got up at five she finally collapsed into bed. Mr Notebook called the wildlife rescue lady and found out where to take the little bean. He headed off and came back with coffee and good news.

The wildlife rescue lady said little bean was a girl ( I promptly named her Thelma ) and that because of the great job our daughter had done, that she had a great chance of survival. We rang today and were told that she’s doing really well and that another mama roo had successfully bonded with her 🙂

We were all so happy and relived. Something good had come out of this tragedy. The rescue people thanked us for even stopping because that said most people don’t. That’s so sad. Internationally, the Kangaroo is such an icon of Australia. At home though, many people see them as pests 😦 I’m just glad we could help save Thelma and that she has another mama to love her. We still feel terrible about the mama, I only hope she didn’t suffer too much. So quite an adventure.

I came home with quite an abundance of lemons, given to us by the property owners. We also got a whole crate of avocados for ten dollars, guacamole here I come 🙂 We will ring and check on Thelma in a weeks time and see how she’s doing. Our eldest is still in hospital and we talk with him when he’s up to it. He has a long recovery ahead of him and we will be here to support him in any way we can. My mind hasn’t caught up to the fact that it’s January and likely it won’t until February 🙂

Another mama and her Joey.
General Store
View from the balcony

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