2020 Week 6 Diffusers and Computers

My computer is being fixed this week so I’m typing on my phone 🙂 Not sure how my pc got a crack in the bottom right hand corner but it did. Luckily for me, Apple is fixing it free of charge! Awesome 🙂 I’m going to pick it up on Saturday. I’ve missed it. Weird how you get attached to inanimate objects. I get attached to most things though, so I’m used to

it 😉 I’ve finished reading my second novel for the year, which was “It’s Raining Men” by Milly Johnson. I highly recommend this book. There is so much to this story and you will definitely get more than you could possibly expect. It was a really delightful story and one I will remember for a long time. I’ve read all her books and she is a great story teller. I noticed a new Marian Keyes novel in the bookshop the other day. I’m hoping it will be at my library soon. I might see if I can borrow it online 🙂 I love her stories too.

Looks like I’ll need to head to the thrift shop again as I need some more books to read 🙂 Probably visit the library on the same day too.

I’m enjoying the diffuser my daughter got for me, it’s so lovely. it’s definitely come in handy during my sinus infection stint. I’ve been diffusing and oil blend called Breathe Easy 🙂

Mr Notebook got me a preloved desk and chair for Valentines. I’m thinking it could be a good candidate for up-cycling and have been researching. The chair needs to be reupholstered, but I’m not sure my limited skills would be satisfactory for the task. I think I’ll outsource that one to someone who knows what they are doing 🙂 Another reason to save!

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