2020 Week 7 Stories and other Comforts.

I just finished reading Marian Keyes new novel called Grown Ups. It was better than I could ever have anticipated. I have read all of her books and can say that I’ve loved every one 🙂 This story explores some very important issues with honesty and integrity, while also carrying the reader along with laughs and a very engaging plot line. Even better I had $12 on my bookshop rewards card so I only needed up paying $10 as the book had been reduced in price too! Bargain 🙂

**Spoiler Alert** If you are going to watch the movie The Joker then stop reading here!**

I’ve been enjoying watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine with the family. Recommended if you are in need of a few laughs. It’s very entertaining. Next on my watched list is The Joker. I hadn’t read any reviews and didn’t really know anything about until I watched it. I was completely blown away. It was dark and poignant and honestly I was haunted for days afterwards. It left an imprint on me. Such an incredible way of telling a story, woven around a character I thought I already knew from a lifetime of a variety of Batman movies, cartoons and comics. It is a very powerful movie, with a lot to say. Some of the issues explored aren’t unknown to me in real life, such as funding cuts to mental health services. There is scene where they show Arthur’s journal. In it is written, “the trouble with having a mental illness is that people want you to behave like you don’t have one”, I felt the reverberations of that at my core. Rather than stigmatise the mental illness depicted, it was treated instead with compassion and a depth that surprised me. It is the best movie I’ve seen in a very long time. It did make me sad though. I loved it and if anybody were interested I’d give it 10 stars. Amazing acting, amazing everything 🙂

On the food front, I offer you lasagne! I was feeling meh on the day and thought, yes lasagne is what I need, with a side of garlic bread and a salad. It was good and we hadst had it for over a month, so it was time.

I’m currently on the lookout for a new read and I’m back to meal planning. I made a simple, but lovely chicken and vegetable soup yesterday and tonight we had Hot Dogs with onions and mustard, bacon and ketchup. Yum!

Wishing you all the good things 🙂 xo

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