2020 Week 8 Cats & Cats

This week I’ve been up to all sorts of things. One of those was fixing a fan. I somehow managed to cut the tip of my left hand index finger. Not much of a cut, but I have to avoid using it when I’m typing because its deceivingly painful. There have been lots of phone calls and some appointments too. I’ve been speaking with people on our eldest son’s care team. He was having a rough time last week so I wanted to make sure they check in with him. We speak pretty much every day, sometimes more than once. We also text each other 🙂 I cannot wait to see him and am hopeful that will happen soon. Navigating the mental health system is a journey best taken with some support. I speak with his advocate and his case manager. I worry about him all of the time. This is the first time he’s lived away from home and I miss him very much. We often talk about movies and music and send each other links. It’s a nice way to feel connected and something we’ve always done 🙂

The other kids and I have been all sorts of things. One of those things is a little game/app called Neko Atsume. It’s little cats and you feed them and place toys out for them. It’s cute and funny. We laugh at things on TikTok together frequently. There has been Lego building, painting, visits to the toyshop and thrift shop. Some movie watching has been happening too. So often I get the feeling of how fortunate I am. I’m so grateful for the love I have in my life. Here’s a little true story for you. No matter what is going on in our lives, every morning when I get up and wander out of the bedroom to the kitchen, whatever early morning swirling thoughts are weaving their way through my my mind, I see, on the kitchen bench, next to the kettle, a collection of items. My favourite mug. Inside it, a satchet of the flavoured coffee I love, a teaspoon and the sugar jar next to it. I smile from my heart to my face, it spreads. My Mr does this every single day. Without fail. How sweet is that? He thinks of me every single morning 🙂 It’s really sweet. xo

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