2020 Week 9 A Maze

Navigating the mental health system requires both patience and tenacity. Much of my time this week has been devoted to trying to find suitable housing options for our eldest son. Sounds simple, but is actually fraught with difficulties and challenges.

You cannot rely on anybody else. It is essential that you do all of your own research. If you are trying to support a loved one with a chronic mental illness, you need to make contact with any and all people on the care team of that person. You need to know what you are talking about and have a quiet confidence. Having made contact and having regular discussions with everybody from his case manager to his mental health advocate, requires time and also good note taking skills. You need to record details of all calls, including dates and times. You need to rally the troops and try to get everyone working together. They are usually good people who are also frustrated by limitations and by the overburdened services they work for. It’s exhausting and relentless. It is also completely necessary. Without someone instigating progress, everything stalls and stagnates. One thing is true, and that is I will never stop advocating for my son. xo

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