2020 Week 12 History

Wow! What a week. Everywhere around the planet, people are united in surviving a common enemy. CoVid-19, one thing is guaranteed and that is, none of us will ever forget that name. This evening the Australian government has finally started rolling out some overdue measures to try and slow the spread of the virus and save our health system from becoming overwhelmed. Only time will tell if they acted soon enough. We can only hope.

At our house life has continued as normal for the most part. That is because our kids are home educated and have been for many years now. For many other people, this situation finds them at home with their children when they would normally be at school. Some of these people may also have just found themselves unexpectedly out of work, or maybe cut down to one income, or for single parents no income at all. There are stimulus packages that the government has introduced and social welfare is included for people who need it. I’m glad they have removed the usual waiting periods and increased the amounts. Hopefully all the people who need help will get it. I am truly grateful that we have a welfare system as it ought to be a part of any modern society that requires it’s subjects to pay taxes. I’m also grateful for our public health system and all the health care workers. All citizens ought to have access to a public health system. I am grateful to be where I am and with my family. my mama is far away and that is difficult as she is 72 years young, but I’m happy that she is well and still laughing on the phone with me. Our eldest was just here visiting and had some dinner and Mr Notebook has taken him to his place. I’m glad that I get to be with everybody I love.

Today is the 24th of march 2020. It is a day that will be marked in the history of Australia. I can see what has been happening everywhere, Italy, Spain and the U.K and I see that China is just beginning to allow it’s people out. I’m not sure what is coming for Australia, whether it will be like Italy, China or the U.K. Everyday I hope the best for all people from all countries. At home we follow all the recommendations and we are and have been practicing social distancing. We will continue to those things because we care about each other and the people we don’t know because the truth is that our actions can affect others.

At our house we are playing games, watching movies, talking, sitting out the front and watching the crows eat olives from the tree. We are laughing, listening to music and snuggling. We are cooking and eating and trying new foods that we don’t always buy because not everything is available. That part of things isn’t a problem because it’s fun trying new recipes and if we can’t find an item on our list. I just say “that’s okay we could try something else.” Most things we can still get so there is the comfort of meals that are familiar. We’ve talked about what is happening as a family and individually. None of the kids are frightened which is great. They know we just need to keep calm and use our common sense as we go forward. I will keep checking with everyone as we go along, but that is something I do anyway. There has been lots of Lego building and I’m sure that will continue because one of my son’s is so into Lego. There is lots game playing going on, again thats pretty usual for our family. The kids are still talking to friends on the phone and online. They play games online with friends all over the world too which is so cool.

Tomorrow I’m trying new recipe for Hungarian Potato and sausage soup. I watched a recipe video on, you guessed it, YouTube!! I hope that this post finds you and your family well and wish you the best going forward. We really are, all in this together. xo

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