2020 Week 15 More of the same :)

What a strange week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been good, but somehow I lost a day somewhere. It’s been like that week after Christmas and before New Year, where you don’t really know what you’re meant to be doing, or what day it is. I mean not much has changed for us as a family and I know we are very fortunate in that. I’m sending virtual hugs and good wishes to anybody and everybody who need them. The staying home isn’t really bothering me because I like being at home. My Mama, on the other hand is finding it very frustrating, even though she is still opening her salon. For some unknown reason our Government hasn’t closed down hairdressers. Her salon offers both beauty treatments and hairdressing, so only the hairdresers are in attendance. Of course, there is not much business to be had.

I have been organising cupboards and other things. I’ve also been repotting some plants and sprucing up the back patio. I started cleaning out my kitchen drawers today and have one left to do. The one that is home to all the interesting things like peelers, thermometers, garlic press, egg cups, measuring spoons etc. It’s one of my favourites. I also cleaned and organised my baking supplies cupboard. Tomorrow I will go to the supermarket and finish the grocery shop that mr Notebook began today. I’m also going to do some baking 🙂 Stay home and stay safe. xo

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