2020 Week 16 Strange Days

If nothing else, the current pandemic has shown how adaptable to necessary change most people can be. I tend to focus on the positives in everyday life. That doesn’t mean avoiding acknowledgement of the difficulties that come along. It’s more about making a conscious choice to favour the positive. The weather is changing here, from hot summer to autunmnal, milder days. I sit out on the front patio, on the wagon wheel chair that was a gift from my mama years ago, with my coffee. Usually someone, or more, come and join me, and we watch the birds as they arrive and feast on the fallen olives. Some prefer those still attached to the tree. We attempt to dechipher their personalities and tempraments from the behaviour they display. We laugh at the funny things they do and their comical walks. The magpies are especially amusing. We admire the sleek blue black feathers of the crows and marvel at how large they actually are up close. Life continues for the birds, as it does for all of us. The living.

I wonder if they are as curious about us, as we are about them? I wonder if they chat amongst themselves, exclaiming how unusual it is that all the humans are mostly staying home.

I wonder if they, like me, are amazed at the way people have adapted to necessary changes? xo.

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