2020 Week 18 Happy Days!

Unexpectedly, this week, online grocery shopping slots became available again!! To say I was excited is definitely downplaying it. Many of the limits on items have now been removed and that is also great. Now I can order the eight three litre milks we need for a week along with the eight loaves of bread. Our eldest is back home for the time being and is doing well, thanks to medication. He is saving up and we are looking at more suitable accommodation with him that is closer to home. That means I’m still shopping for seven people. For us, online grocery shopping is so much easier and saves filling a trolley half full of milk with not enough room left for other items. It’s also easier to stick to my budget, though food seems more expensive at the moment.

I managed to save enough for my daughter’s new bed and mattress so that is on the way and she is so excited about it. We are currently looking for new bedding for her. Most of our appointments are online at the moment and there are often technological glitches. Still, for the most part it’s working. I’m still not used to seeing my own face while I’m talking to someone and it’s still a little weird, but I’m getting used to it ๐Ÿ™‚

This week has been really cold all of a sudden. We will be moving the hermit crab enclosure because we need to pull out our gas heater and they are currently located quite close to it. That level of dry heat would not be good for them, so they need a new spot, where they will be safe. One of the crabs, Sam, recently molted. That was pretty cool to see happen.

Some of the restrictions put into place to suppress the spread of CoVid19 have been lifted. It’s good, but I think most people are still quite concerned. We are still being careful and practicing social distancing. I guess we just have to see how things go. There are concerning reports coming out of several countries concerning children developing an inflammatory syndrome related to CoVid19. I have seen stories from the U.K and also the U.S and I think the fact that we don’t know very much about this virus is the main factor that is driving a cautious approach to the lifting of restrictions. It’s an ongoing concern and will be until there is an effective and safe vaccine. Until then, I am favouring a cautious approach, sprinkled with optimism. Wishing you health & happiness wherever you are. xo

Me N hand picked these beautiful blooms
for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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