2020 Week 20 Sunday the day of…

Wow! Sunday comes around quickly that’s for sure. Along with daily life stuff, this week I have been enjoying partaking in one of fave activities, watching stuff on YouTube 🙂 So today I bring you the test kitchen at Bon Appetit! If you’ve never visited this channel, I can tell you it’s great. I’ve also watched Gordon Ramsay’s In 10! videos where he attempts to make various meals, and succeeds, while being filmed by some of his kids. It’s really fun. I’ve been revisiting some of Nigella Lawson’s tv series too.

It’s getting colder here and this week I’ve got pea and ham soup on my menu plan. I’ll do that in the slow cooker tomorrow because it’s a busy day. We’ll most likely have garlic bread with it. Today I have a beef and spinach curry bubbling away in there. I’m going to make rice later on. We are waiting for my daughter’s bed frame to arrive and we have been out buying new pillows and she chose some really gorgeous bed linen. I can’t wait to see it all set up and the smile on her face too.

Now I’m heading outside to spend some time in the garden and harvest my abundance of chillies. xo

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