2020 Week 22 Why?

Colour. Racism is taught and perpetuated from one generation to the next. Babies are not born racist. Why? My children ask. They want to know why. Why does this hate exist? It’s an extremely important question and one that requires careful consideration before any answer is given. They know it’s not right. I know it’s not right.

Against the backdrop of the Covid19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement is desperately stark. The need to say and hear Black Lives Matter, ever more urgent. The neccessity of equality in the world has always been the driver of people protesting and crying out for change.

While we have these important conversations with our children about what it means to be a decent and good human being, I am careful to keep our home a soft and safe place for them. There is enough fear in the world, we don’t need it in our home or our hearts.

Saying that, I realise my privilege in feeling safe in my own home. I know many people in this world don’t share this experience, for a variety of reasons. None of the reasons are okay.

Pertaining to the colour of skin, maybe if people understood why we have skin shades in such a myriad of beautiful colours, they would understand why this hate and fear is unfounded. Just maybe, they would revel instead in how we are all connected, whilst being able to honor one another’s differences of appearance with acceptance. One Love. xo


Here’s a cat hug. Because the world needs hugs. xo

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