2020 Week 29 Bargain!

My daughter and I went for a trip into the city together. We took the train and it was surprisingly full of people. Here in Western Australia we don’t have any community transmission of Covid19 currently, so life feels pretty normal. I still notice everyone social distancing and generally trying to be mindful, which is great. I don’t take W.A’s relative freedom from Covid19 for granted though, as in Victoria and New South Wales cases are climbing and community transmission is a problem.

It’s still winter and it was quite cold and a little rainy but we were rugged up. We had lunch at our favourite Japanese restaurant called Taka’s Kitchen. Delicious and super affordable. My daughter always gets chicken ramen and my fave is the ginger pork. Then we had a walk around and went to the clothes shop she had on her list and she found some great pants and tops. We walked through Myer where I sampled perfumes 🙂 We found the stationary department and I found some great notebooks and cook book all marked down to ridiculously low prices. I got a set of two notebooks for $5 and the book I thought was $15 had been further marked down to $7!! So my total was $12 🙂

The cookbook is one of the Slow Cooker Central series. This one is the Kids one that says it contains “more than 200 recipes that your kids will love to eat and even help to cook”. Sounds promising 🙂 My kids like cooking anyway but I am interested to see if I can find any new recipes to add to my repertoire. The notebooks, which you can never have too many of, are by Paperchase. One is lined and one is blank. No idea what they’ll be used for yet. Suitable uses will make themselves apparent at some point. In the mean time, I hope this post finds you well and happy. xo

Bargains 🙂

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