2020 Week 32 Food, History & Bourdain

Food history has been an interest for me for quite a few years now. I mean what isn’t connected to history? And to food? Come to think of it what isn’t interconnected and intertwined? This interest see’s me diving in very deep at times finding out all sorts of amazing things about people, food and places and how we are all connected by a spice or a recipe or even a grain. Food is wonderful. I’ve been watching a few really cool shows lately so thought I could share some links here for anybody who is interested and/or enjoys going down rabbit holes 🙂

I’ll begin with Anthony Bourdain’s first series, A Cook’s Tour. I love his books and his shows and what a gift to be able to watch and learn from him. He will always be one of my favourite food people. Second is a show I discovered by accident while researching recipes from the Victorian era. I really enjoy both of the presenters and know them from other programs. The program joins them traversing England and Scotland visiting all of the fine houses that Princess Victoria visited, first as a Princess and then as a Queen. Lastly, is another English program, that observes a group of presenters as they live for a whole year on a Victorian Farm. In the first episode they have to renovate the farm cottage. This wasn’t the first, or last series they made, and I have watched it before but it’s really great and you feel immersed in the experience with them. The Christmas episode is really awesome. From memory, they also did a Wartime series. xo

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