2020 Week 33 Contentment

This is a gratitude post. I am fortunate to have all my loved ones safe, happy and healthy, together and under one roof. All of my children are here and my heart is full. I am lucky enough that Mr Notebook is home every day after work and has the weekends free. My eldest son is well and home and has made so much progress in his recovery that it is nothing short of amazing. We have been shopping together and we talk all of the time 🙂 Did I mention he is well?! He now has insight into his condition and attends his appointments and is positive about his medication and treatment. I am so grateful for his wellness that it is not possible for me to adequately express it. I secretly worry that if I talk about it ‘ll somehow jinx it, even though I know that’s not true. My Mama is coming to live with us soon too! I’m looking at houses (on the internet so far) in the hope that we will be able to buy one. We will be a family of eight from October and I’m trying to find something that will suit a large, multi-generational family. I’m not sure when we will be able to buy, but I have my fingers crossed and I’m doing my best to save a deposit.. The other four Notebook kids aka the womb fruits, are well and happy. They all have interests and hobbies and we keep ourselves occupied with all sorts of things. I’ve been playing Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch and a couple of the kids have joined me. It’s a lot of fun. We’ve been watching the second season The Umbrella Academy on Netflix which is so cool. We are so fortunate to have each other and everything we need. We enjoy wonderful food every day and I get to cook and try out new recipes and ideas! We are nearly into Spring here and I feel a sense of ongoing hope. The two ducks that used to visit our garden every morning and then again in the afternoon, arrived the other morning with all of their ducklings. It was almost as if they came to show off their adorable little babies. It was beautiful. I wish for abundance for all people, everywhere. I am grateful for love. Life is full and there will always be ebb and flow and that’s okay. As the saying goes, life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful 🙂 xo

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