2020 Week 36 Father’s Day

I didn’t have a great a father. I didn’t even have a good father. I’m not alone in this I know. I was not lucky enough to have a good male role model throughout my childhood either. I’m not sad about it. It’s just the way it was. I had an abundance of love from my mum though, so I wasn’t lacking affection or emotional connection. I consider myself very fortunate in fact 🙂

These days I do have a husband. A father to our children 🙂 I didn’t really know what a father looked like, or how it worked in a family situation. I learnt that every family is different of course and the two of us are still learning together, every day. Neither one of us is perfect but we are committed and we do love each other and our family. I would say he is steadfast. He is a constant in my life. Whenever I need him he’s there. He doesn’t shrink away from the parts of myself that I like the least. He’s willing to say I’m sorry. We laugh together. Sometimes we’ve each cried. Most importantly of all, he always holds my hand and I hold his.

These days I have someone to buy a father’s day card for and to say happy Father’s Day to. It’s awesome. xo

p.s the kids bought him a pair of Pringles themed underpants/trunks hahahahaha!!

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