2020 Week 39 The Unknown

My whole week, since I last wrote, has been punctuated by things about the house we saw. Firstly, since viewing the house and still loving it, we put in an offer and it was accepted. I realise you know this from my last post. Things have moved quite quickly since then. There was quite a bit of emailing and sending and signing documents. Audrey the mortgage broker came and met with us on Monday evening. She collected more paperwork from us, having already confirmed we were eligible for finance. That is exciting and stressful simultaneously. It’s the unknown. Will we get the finance, won’t we get the finance? Now it’s Friday evening and we have conditional approval! I won’t be fully convinced until we get unconditional approval and I see it writing. We should know soon. I really hope we get it. If we don’t I will accept that with grace. I will really try anyway. xo

Some of the food I was cooking and eating this week and a picture of Stimpy 🙂

The first is of roast chicken with vegetables. The second was the part of a vegetable and chicken soup made from the leftover chicken. The third and fourth are both the beginning of my version of Thai Green Curry, I like to add sweet potatoes to it. xo

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