2020 Week 40 Our house!

It’s official our finance has been formally approved and we will soon be the owner’s of our own home!!! I am so happy and excited. The kids are ecstatic and Mr Notebook and I, along with my Mum are all sharing ideas about all of the things we can do around the place. The kids will be able to swim in the pool all through summer and I’m going to start composting and have plans for a worm farm too. Before all of that though, I need to organise the moving of our utilities and internet and our house contents of course. We need to make a cat enclosure for our cats before the move so it’s ready. That will save possible problems of the cats getting out or lost and also protects the wildlife from our cats. There is no gas needed at the new house so I need to close the account, which is in credit, that means a refund for me. I am also going to sit down and write our new budget which will need to include land and water rates plus home and contents insurance. I have to go into hospital for some tests this week but I will be calling some removal companies to get quotes on moving next week.

On Friday my Mum arrived in Perth and we met up with her at the Crown Towers for a mini vacation/celebration. It was a surprise for the kids and so awesome because we got our formal approval just after the kids and I arrived at the hotel 🙂 We all had a great time and so many things to celebrate, none more important than having my family altogether.

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