2020 Week 41 Paper work.

This week we went and signed some more documents at the settlement agents office. We were informed that everyone is happy to move settlement forward to the 22nd of October, rather than the 30th. This is good because we can start moving items up to the new house. It also means I need to keep paying rent at our current place and start paying the mortgage. This is because we are breaking lease. The real estate had. home open here on Friday afternoon and there were about twenty people, so I’m crossing my fingers that a few of them have out in application to become the new tenants here. Mr Notebook and I went up to the new place and did some measuring up in various rooms and also just made a bit of a plan of some things that need doing from the outset. It’s a really exciting and busy time for us. We have been hard at work packing boxes even though the movers don’t come until the 2nd of November. I have a fair idea that we will get quite a few things moved ourselves and leave the big things for the professionals. I have organised a vacate clean and carpet cleaning of our current rental and I have already sorted out the moving of our internet services. I still need to close my gas account here and also arrange to have the power on at our new house for 22nd. I guess I’ll have power at two places until we have actually moved. Writing everything down here is a great way to keep it all straight in my head. I do have it all on paper in my diary. Hope this post finds you well. xo

Our new front door 🙂 The first time unlocking the door together!

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