2020 Week 47 Flamingoes 🦩

In September, I can’t remember the actual date, I got Mr Notebook and the kids on board to go for a drive and look at some houses I’d seen on RealEstate.com.au. Getting a home of our own had been my dream for nearly four years. I had no idea exactly how or when, but I…

2020 Week 46 Getting there!

I have the main parts of the house fully functional 🙂 The kitchen is set up, the laundry completely sorted out. I’m so happy to have a vertical freezer in there. I have one extra fridge/freezer outside under the patio to keep extra drinks, milk and bread in. The pool is good to swim and…

2020 Week 45 Moving week!

Too busy to say much. Wish me luck 🙂 I’m hoping all of my organising pays off and that everything all goes smoothly. xo

2020 Week 44 Still Packing

The title tells you all you need to know. Packing involves so much looking through things. It is also time consuming. I’m in a weird between houses place. I am coming and going nearly every day. Cannot wait to be in our new home permanently. Everyone is really looking forward to it. xo

2020 Week 43 Packing

This week I am packing up all of our belongings. Well, everything that isn’t essential for day to day living. I will be trying to get rid of any items that are no longer needed or wanted. To this end I am hiring a skip bin. Everything has happened so quickly. xo Some beautiful artwork…