2020 Week 47 Flamingoes 🦩

In September, I can’t remember the actual date, I got Mr Notebook and the kids on board to go for a drive and look at some houses I’d seen on RealEstate.com.au. Getting a home of our own had been my dream for nearly four years.

I had no idea exactly how or when, but I was working on it, day by day.

Anyway, I saw one that we could afford and on decent sized piece of land and thought it would be fun just to go for a drive by and see what it was like.

It was the Saturday night before we were going for little road trip and I was talking to everyone in the lounge room, saying how one day when we have our own house again, that I would like to have a pair of garden flamingoes, pepto bismol pink, in the front garden. You know the ones? I especially loved the ones in the movie Gnomeo and Juliette. Such a great movie. I think garden flamingoes are really sweet.

Fast forwarded the next morning and just before we were leaving, I was back on the real estate app and I happened upon this house and I loved it. I thought to myself hmm maybe we can check this one out too.

We drove to the area and it was just a whole other kind of beautiful. Hills and trees and all kinds of different homes situated high in the hills. It was like another world. So we drove to the first address and could only look from the street. I liked it, though I knew it needed quite a bit of TLC. It was at that moment I suggested to Mr Notebook that that we take a look at the other house. I put the address into maps and away we went. It wasn’t far and when we arrived there were no cars in the drive. Mr Notebook got out and went to knock on the door. There was nobody home so we had a quick look around the garden and everyone just fell in love. So I emailed the agent then and there to make a time to arrange an inspection.

As we reversed out and were just about to drive off, Mr Notebook declares “look! there is your flamingo.” And there peeking out from behind a bush was a pink flamingo. She was a little worse for wear, but she was there! I couldn’t believe it 🙂

Fast forward to the day of settlement when we got our keys. Mr Notebook and I were at the house, our house with our keys for the first time! As we soaked it all in and had another leisurely look around, Mr Notebook comes to me and says you need to have a look at thins. I wondered what it could be. You would never believe it, but he found the other flamingo!!! He had been thrown away behind some big bushes. His leg needs repair and he has no pink left whatsoever, but he’s here!

Up cycling of the flamingoes will be happening soon and I can’t wait to have them together in our front garden. xo

p.s ever since I saw that first flamingo in the garden, I see them everywhere!

This one was at the hospital when I went for some procedures just before the move 🙂

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