Week 48 2020 December already!

With all the moving going on and seemingly endless unpacking and organising of our new house, somehow December arrived without me even realising it was here. I have already done the majority of the gift shopping and just have a few things to get. I’m collecting ideas from there family for what each person would like to eat on the day. So far I know we will be having a pavlova for sweets and I’m thinking of doing little individual ones this year, instead of one large one. I’m leaning towards chicken and beef along with two salads and some prawns with garlic, lemon zest and chilli flakes! I will probably roast the chicken and beef outside, that way I don’t need to have the oven on. It’s generally quite hot on Christmas Day in Western Australia, so avoiding the oven is a good idea. I’m pretty sure we will be swimming and there is usually some movie watching at some point. I love Christmas so much and enjoy the little traditions we have as a family. I also like that nothing is set in stone and we can do what we like. On Boxing Day we usually visit Mr notebook’s parents. We are lucky in W.A that we can still do that this year.

I’m also about to start writing up my kids learning experiences in preparation for my meeting in 2021 with the education department. I do this every year. It’s not a legal requirement for me to write it all out but I feel that it shows I’m prepared and am engaged with my kids learning. My moderator (the person who comes to visit and discuss the upcoming year and our plans) really appreciates it as it makes their job a whole lot easier. I like the meeting to go smoothly and it’s usually about two hours, that’s thirty minutes for each person, then it’s done and dusted for the year and we can get back to living and learning 🙂

It would be impossible to remember or write about all of them so luckily that’s not necessary. I do a highlights of the past twelve months and show that I understand the curriculum and it’s requirements. This year I included an iMovie of lots of photos of things we had done. Also it’s usually not difficult to link various experiences to The Australian Curriculum and so much gets covered through living life and each person following their interests. We unschool so we don’t use a set curriculum. Legally I have to be able to show that I am implementing the Australian Curriculum so I order to that I link back some of each persons activities/experiences to the curriculum. You just need to have an idea of the scope of contents for each learning area as set out in curriculum and refer to it when explaining some of the things they have done. I’m not sure if I’ve made that sound difficult but it’s not. We have four kids home educating so that means I do it for each person. We have shared experiences and individual so that makes it easier too. I provide support, resources and food and love. I try and keep a journal during the year of what everyone has been doing so I can refer back to it. Next year I’m definitely using Evernote in the hope that I will record more frequently. I’ve used it a few times before but I opted for a paper journal the past few years as I enjoyed making a scrap book of our year. This year I seem to have missed bits and pieces though and then I have a hard time remembering exactly what everyone has been up to. I also want to take more photos but most of the kids don’t like photos anymore. With Evernote I can also save searches or websites and they can share things they are doing or making with

with me too, which is cool. I mean that happens now but I seem to be saving things in several places rather than having a central location. I think I can solve that with Evernote. My daughter makes digital art and one of my sons is really into making 3D digital models to use in games online. I get to be present and provide a happy and varied learning environment and attempt to document some of their learning. I try to do this without impacting their experiences. I really like being with my kids and spending time together. Though they are often busy doing variety of things, I feel really privileged to be able to live this way 🙂 As you can tell, my mind is on the task before me 🙂

Apart from that, I am still unpacking. There are little groups of boxes in spots around the house and I’m trying to clear a minimum of one spot a day along with the general day to day living stuff. I hope you are well, happy and safe! xo

Now back to those boxes 😉

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