2020 Week 51 Officially time!

For Christmas music 🙂 All the decorations are out and it’s feeling pretty festive around here. I have a few more little things to pick up and then I am really looking forward to being with my family and just enjoying each moment. We are very fortunate to be able to move around quite freely within our state and my in-laws will be coming to visit on Boxing Day and staying the night. I have family in England who are not so lucky but are making the best of it. I feel for anyone who is unable to be with loved ones. It’s hard but that is a better option than making someone you love unwell. Before Mum aka Mama came to live with us we count travel to see her, nor her to us, and like everyone else we didn’t know when that would change.

Currently the situation in Western Australia is very good. I don’t take that for granted as there are many examples around the world of how quickly that can change. At least by this point our government seems to have quarantine, isolation and contact tracing etc organised and people are mostly used to social distancing and hand sanitising everywhere. There aren’t many people here wearing masks and I think that reflects the fact that we don’t have any community transmission. I’d like to say we are not complacent and that if the health advice changes the masks will come out again. I would also like to say that most people will use common sense and start wearing masks or continue wearing them as they see fit. People in Western Australia are generally easy going and laid back and used to a relaxed lifestyle. It’s what I love about the place. Having spoken to a few people from taxi drivers to health professionals and others, everyone seems to have a practical attitude to the situation. People are concerned about the future of course, but I guess that’s quite understandable and unchanged in many ways. Covid, Climate change and life in general. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said something along the lines of “don’t count the days, make the moments count”. Something like that anyway 😉 Okay I just went ahead and googled it and apparently the saying is actually “don’t count the days, make the days count”. My sources revealed it to be a Muhammad Ali quote. I like the sentiment. It reminds me to live the current moment and to enjoy every day. xo

A few things I spotted on the xmas shopping trail and a possible candidate for our new lounge suite that I’ll soon be saving for 🙂

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