2020 Week 52 The other side

It is the 27th of December 2020! Our visiting family left this morning and everyone at our place have been pretty much relaxing all day. Mr Notebook has also been doing a few jobs around the place like cleaning out the gutters. Well, he had already started it so was finishing it off. Turns out one was so full of dirt etc that it just fell off completely. Turns out it will be a little more of a job than he first anticipated. It’s really important here to have all your gutters and garden free from debris etc due to it coming into bushfire season. I feel like it’s time to formally introduce to Mr Notebook, his name is Nicholas and I love him a lot 🙂

Christmas Day was lovely. We had plenty of food and spent much of the time in the pool and just being together. We watched movies, played games, talked with friends and generally had a nice time. It’s so good when Nicholas is home too and this is his third day home in a row, although he did get called into work because a resident was having lock issues. He works with older people in a residential estate. His manager called him because she knew he’d go in and help out. I think that says a lot about him. He’s a good human 🙂 Some of the residents have these new digital lock systems and find them really challenging. Anyway how is it that we have arrived on the other side of Christmas so quickly? I love the period between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, it’s this weird kind of haze where I never know quite which day it is and then all of a sudden it’s the second of January 😉 Even though I know it’s officially past, let me wish you a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays in case you don’t celebrate Christmas. I hope it’s as merry as it can be under the current conditions💜 I’m usually wishing people well all year so it’s just another opportunity to spread some kindness. There can never be too much kindness! xo

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