2021 Week 2 What next?

I’ve been thinking about what to do regarding writing and have decided to just continue on writing weekly and see what happens. It’s been quite an eventful week globally. The UK is in another tier 4 lockdown and their NHS is virtually overwhelmed with cases of COVID19. Healthcare workers and other essential workers around the world continue to do an amazing job. I have watched a Dr from the UK on YouTube for quite some time called Dr Hope. I’ll link his latest upload from his his channel Dr Hope’s Sick Notes. He’s really informative and he sometimes has guests on. A regular is Dr Sonja who is the consultant of an ICU and she does amazing explanations using Lego. She is awesome!

I have family in the UK and even if I didn’t my best wishes would still go out to them. My best wishes in fact go out to the whole planet.

On US soil Trump supporters known as “Trumpers” stormed Capitol Hill incited by the 45th POTUS himself and he’s been banned from social media platforms. Enough said about that.

Under my roof all is well and I’m grateful as always. We have a friend staying at the moment as he is between homes and trying to sort out relationship issues. He’s the best mate of our eldest son and is a lovely person who is just going through a difficult time.

Im glad to see the vaccines being rolled out around the world and hope upon hope that they are the light at the end of the tunnel for us all when it comes to COVID19. The new strain in the UK is said to be even more transmissible and it’s already been detected in Australia. They are keeping quite a tight reign on COVID here and I think we have been very lucky this far. Hopefully that will continue.

This is what our Premier Mark McGowan had to say today. Most Western Australians agree with his stance and I understand why.

Around the house, Mum and I are making plans for a food garden. There is still the odd box hidden around the place, but that’s okay as we have plenty of time 🙂

I meal planned for two weeks which has been great because I’m not wondering what I’m going to make for dinner everyday. For whatever reason I’m not feeling very social at the moment and of course that means everyone wants to catch up 😉 Generally, I have a good time once I am socialising. I just need big breaks from it. Seems awful to say at a time when so many people are prevented from seeing people they want to see. It’s definitely not my intention to sound insensitive. I was like this before COVID19 and I definitely commiserate with anyone who is lonely or in lockdown, or who cannot see their loved one’s. It’s horrible 😦 I couldn’t see my mum for quite awhile there and that wasn’t fun. I do believe most people understand why and the reasons are more than compelling enough for us all to do the right thing. The simple truth is it can save lives. I hope you’re doing okay, whatever situation you are currently experiencing. ❤️🌈

Also I hope my weird post finds you well and happy xo see you next week!

Every time I’m going write 🙂 Home made pizza!

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