2021 Week 3 Social butterfly?

I am definitely not πŸ˜‰ I was meant to write on Sunday. It’s now Tuesday. We had our in-laws to stay Saturday and they left after lunch on Sunday, which was mum’s birthday. She is now the grand age of 73 and finds it difficult to even utter the word older πŸ˜‰ This is why I call her Mama, the very English sounding version and sometimes Ma. Actually she has a great sense of humour and is pretty funny a lot of the time. I love her so much and am glad she is here every day. So, she prefers to refer to herself as mature which makes us both crack up laughing.

After my in-laws left, my Aunt Antoinette arrived. We actually call her Violet. Her middle name is Violet. My mum’s name is Marie-Therese Gisele. I’ll leave the surname a mystery. My grandfather was French part Mauritian. If I want to know more about the family tree I have to ask my Aunt as she has all the details. For whatever reason my mum wasn’t interested. It was a happy weekend all round. Monday I had a friend visit with her kids. It was good to catch up and talk about all the things. My son’s friend just left today and I really hope things improve for him. He knows he can come back if he needs to. My daughter had her friend stay last night too. It’s been busy but good. Now it’s back to just the eight of us, and that’s nice too. I’m heading to bed early. xo

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