2021 Week 17 Snap! It’s a lockdown!

It’s lockdown time again where I live. It’s for three days and we will find out tomorrow, Monday the 26th of April, whether the government will be extending it. In other news, I just finished watching the series called Stranger Things. I really enjoyed it and if you like sci-fi you might like it too….

2021 Week 16 Keep cooking :)

Cooking is something that I enjoy and results in good things to eat. I love to eat and it makes sense to me that I love to cook. If I’m not feeling my chirpy, over talkative self, cooking is an activity that uplifts me and helps me to connect to the world outside of my…

2021 Week 15 Atmosphere of the Heart

Sometimes so empty Bursting Shallow as a puddle Sometimes expansive like an ocean like the universe infinte Bursting an abyss Love all encompassing a cloud in a clear sky

2021 Week 14 Easter Long Weekend.

We are happy at home. Some friends are here and the house is filled with music, talking, laughing and the smell of delicious food. There is plenty of love and chocolate to share. I am filled with gratitude again 🙂 Wishing you love and joy. xo

2021 Week 13 Self-Care

This morning I was scrolling through my twitter food smiling at cute photos of racoons and trying to ignore anything negative. There isn’t much negativity on my feed because mostly I follow people who are positive. I came across this cool Self-Care Menu by @thefabstory on Instagram, shared by Sophie Scott who is a National…

2021 Week 12 Food. That is all.

I’m very far behind my own Sunday blog posting schedule. That’s okay because it’s my own creative space and honestly, life is weird sometimes and time itself seems to speed up and slow down and go all topsy turvy all over the place. Thats just how it is. Well that’s how it’s been for me…