2021 Week 17 Snap! It’s a lockdown!

It’s lockdown time again where I live. It’s for three days and we will find out tomorrow, Monday the 26th of April, whether the government will be extending it. In other news, I just finished watching the series called Stranger Things. I really enjoyed it and if you like sci-fi you might like it too. I also finished a book by Anna Jacobs called A Time to Remember. It’s my first time reading this authors work and I really loved it! This book was the first in a series called Rivenshaw. I will be going to see if they have the second book next week if the library is open. Currently there are only four reasons to leave your home, they are, work, medical/health, essential shopping, 1 hour of exercise. Anyway I’m pretty sure where ever you live in the world that you’ve also had or are having lockdowns too. What a strange time we’re living through. I was reading this week about methods for carbon capture as part of the solutions for the climate change emergency/crisis. I was on Elon Musk’s website which is quite reader friendly and informative too. I signed up for an email subscription and once I got to the completion stage a little message box popped open and the first thing it said was “welcome to the world of radical optimism”. I liked that. It helps to have hope. xo

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