2021 Week 18 Luck

As human beings all sharing the planet at the same time, it seems more than wrong that our quality of life depends upon the luck of where we are born. I often think about how the problems of inequality, poverty, hunger can be solved. It turns out that many solutions already exist. This leads me to ask why do these problems persist? Am I naive? Maybe. I just find it very difficult to believe that any person would willingly choose the sustained suffering and exploitation of other people, instead of embracing and implementing existing and possible solutions to alleviate that suffering. Yet, here we are.

Human rights, the rights that are afforded to each and every human person, granted by our very existence, are not enshrined in the laws of every country throughout the world. Some countries agree with a set of ideals, others not so much. Even those that do, seem to breach their own values. Think harsh immigration policies that see children locked up in detention centres. How can this possibly be right or forward thinking. No one person owns this planet. No person can own a country.

There is so much good in this world and so many people doing good. I would be lying if I said the future doesn’t concern me. I do choose instead, to experience the moments I’m in, and try to be a good person that brings happiness to others. I’m optimistic. I worry. We really are living in strange times. I hope that wherever you are is safe, that you have food, shelter, good health and love. xo

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