2021 Week 19 Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day I usually just feel lucky and glad. Lucky to have children that are such cool, funny and kind people. Glad that they each love me and that I have them to love. I got up early on Saturday and went for trip to Bunnings with my own Mama to buy some plants that we planned to get into the ground on Sunday which was of course Mother’s Day!! We also went to the supermarket and a new butcher’s that someone told her about.

Sunday I made a big brunch for everyone and then mum and I headed into the garden to plant. I planted Vietnamese coriander, heirloom silverbeet, savoury, paprika, and Japanese mustard spinach. called Red Komatsuna. Mum planted some eggplants and a couple of others that I can’t recall off the top of my head. We also planted two lots of Fairy Light flowers which are so gorgeous.

We also got two more trees to plant. A Yuzu and a mandarin tree now live happily near two pawpaw trees and one mango tree. Some of the kids helped to plant the trees on Monday 🙂 Im looking for seeds for all sorts of herbs and edibles to add to the garden. In my head I think of the garden as the Harmony Patch. It’s a privilege to share in the growth, of both people and plants.

The patch work of pictures above include some of the plants from our garden and some pictures from the gardening section in Bunnings. There is also a big bowl of hummus I made for my mum because she loves it so much 🙂 I put some honey, extra garlic and lemon rind and juice it. It’s so easy to make and only needs a few ingredients. You do need tahini though, which some people may not have in the fridge. I also included our very first radish sliced as I thought it was so beautiful to look at. There is also a cute one of Fizzy, one of our cats, my new carpet cleaner which is amazing! I completed a bush fire plan too and I will go through it with everyone at home so if we ever need to be, we will be prepared 🙂 You can see how much my coriander has grown and my thyme and the lone scotch bonnet chilli plant too.

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