2021 Week 21 Self-Care

I’m not certain when I first heard the term self-care, I do know that there was a time I hadn’t heard it 🙂 So what is it? I think it’s showing love to your self by doing things that light you up, make you feel happy or relaxed. Basically, doing things you enjoy. Things that are self-destructive don’t count here. So if you enjoy drinking alcohol etc. getting drunk is not self-care! I endeavour to enjoy all the things I do and that mostly works pretty well for me. However, I think self-care is also making time to rest or just chill out. You could be crafting, watching a movie or videos on YouTube, reading, listening to music, baking, cooking, basically whatever you like or enjoy. I like doing combinations of things together, like listening to music and baking. You could meditate, play an instrument, the possibilities are seemingly endless! It could be ten minutes, it could be longer. You can find opportunities no matter what your life looks like., so it seems. This is all fine and good if you are living in a peaceful place with all your basic needs being met. It makes me think about people who aren’t so fortunate. What does self-care look like for the homeless? Or for people who have been displaced? How can I help? What can I do to make the world outside my family a better place? Am I doing enough in my own life to make the existence of my loved ones better? I help people in my everyday life as much as possible, not for reward or gratitude, just because it is the kind thing to do. There can never be enough kindness in this world 🙂

I started a craft project called punch needle embroidery the other day. It took me quite a few practices to get going and also the help of my daughter, who is really great at anything crafty or creative. Then a funny and frustrating thing happened. Levi, one of the cats, managed to get hold of the super long threader that came with the punch needle tool and she managed to break it. So that little project is hold for the moment and I’m now trying to decide what to do instead. I have some diamond paintings still unopened from two years ago when I began this blog and it was my intention to try new things 😉 I’m also really interested in crocheting and I’m pretty sure I have the supplies somewhere around here. I’ll need to ask my mum to show me how to, or I could consult my favourite place, YouTube! Hoping all is well with you, wherever you are! xo.

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