2021 Week 23 Things to do.

Some things I’m doing :)The first one is, learning to crochet. I even got a sparkly crochet hook in the hope it will make my efforts easier. I’m not great at craft type things, but I have the desire to try. I’m also starting this novel I got for twenty cents. I found out, upon opening the front cover, that it is a Free Proof Copy. I’ve never seen that inside a book before, so it feels special to me. Last but not least, I’m going to do this little diamond painting that I still have from two years ago. I’m also playing piano scales because it’s really relaxing to me. The feel of the keys and the rhythm of repetition is quite soothing. The sound and tone of the notes fill me with calm. My internet food adventures are currently consisting of exploring all the amazing things you can do with instant ramen, mostly known in Australia as 2 minute noodles 🙂 In Japan they have noodle museums! Just another great reason to go to Japan 🙂 xo

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