2021 Week 25 Accidents happen.

So many changes this week! Mr Notebook has a new job which is great. I’m realigning our budget to suit his new pay cycle. Luckily we are a little ahead in our mortgage payments so it was as simple as making a phone call to change the debit date. As I don’t want to lose being ahead I am going to make an extra payment as soon as I can, probably after tax time when we get a return. I have already managed to keep half of what is needed aside, so that’s good šŸ™‚ The service officer who helped us with altering the date for the debit also told me that we will make three payments in August so that would put us back in the same position anyway but I still feel compelled to make that extra payment. Wish me luck. Changes in finances freak me out a little. I like to know what’s what and what to expect. I know life isn’t always like that but I like that certainty. So I have been pep talking myself to breathe and know it will all smooth out. it just needs a little time. Redoing my budget and putting it on paper will also help.

Also this week I had an accident in the kitchen. Nobody was hurt but my cooktop is dead šŸ˜‰ I opened an overhead cupboard and little bottle of sesame oil fell out and smashed part of it. It’s an induction cooktop so now it has to be replaced. Luckily our home and contents will cover most of it, we just need to pay a $500 excess. So that’s a bill I wasn’t expecting but I think I will have enough in my emergency funds to cover it.

We also need to get Mr Notebook a work car. A utility to be exact. For the time being he will be using my van. Changes can feel uncomfortable, even when you know they are for the best. The uncomfortable feeling won’t last forever and before you know it, you’ve adjusted to them. šŸ™‚ xo

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