2021 Week 29 Boots

I love boots! I pretty much wear boots all of the time except in summer when it’s really hot. Summer see’s me wearing no shoes at home ever. I don’t wear shoes at home, no matter what the weather is doing. I like wearing socks around house, or these hybrid sock/slipper things called Slumbies, that come in all sorts of variations. I’ll usually have one pair of sandals for summer that I will wear to death because I get attached to the same pair and they are usually so comfortable that I will put off having to get new ones because they take ages to give me that same comfort level.

I went out for few hours with my Mum and we had some breakfast and went for a pedicure. That is a whole lot of fun for me. My toes are now a happy shade of sparkly light pink that a makes me feel cheerful every time I see them 🙂 The only pictures I remembered to take were some of boots 😉 I have included them as they were my inspiration for writing. I was surprised at the array of colours! Even more than in my few pictures, but clearly I wasn’t thinking about picture taking on that particular outing. I hope you have some happiness sprinkled throughout your days and peace in your heart. xo

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