2021 Week 37 Armour

I finally got to have my first Covid vaccination. Now I need to book for my second one which needs to be at least three weeks after the first. Haven’t really had terrible side effects, just a bit of lethargy. I understand that many people are unable to get vaccinated and many choose not to….

2021 Week 36 Weekend Marathon

This weekend we have been having a movie marathon! Our movies of the choice…The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch them, I always find something new. The couch is calling me 🙂 xo

2021 Week 35 Interesting

Sometimes things happen in your life that you are unable to make sense of. You are baffled. Flabbergasted and completely confused. If you are a person who likes the logical, this can be quite difficult, as there is seemingly no explanation. If you are a person who needs to understand the why, you may find…