2021 Week 35 Interesting

Sometimes things happen in your life that you are unable to make sense of. You are baffled. Flabbergasted and completely confused. If you are a person who likes the logical, this can be quite difficult, as there is seemingly no explanation. If you are a person who needs to understand the why, you may find yourself spiralling into the realm of overthinking. Not a great place to be.

If you have ever been to therapy, you may be familiar with hearing that sometimes it is necessary to sit with your feelings. Today I read something along the lines of, ‘you are not your emotions, you are not your thoughts’ and that if you are able to change your perception to understand this, then life may be easier? I’ve just spent the last fifteen minutes trying to find the source for that, unfortunately I was not successful and my search yielded zero results. Maybe it was something my mum read out to me? She was reading things out to me this morning and showing cute videos of babies laughing while we were having our morning cuppas. Anyway I didn’t come up with it, but wanted to share the idea as it may be helpful to others. I’ll try to find it and come back and link a source. Right now, I’m off to read for a bit and eat some toast. A cup of tea also feels like a good idea. The act of doing other things is probably one of my favourite ways to avoid overthinking. Hope you are well and happy. xo

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