2021 Week 37 Armour

I finally got to have my first Covid vaccination. Now I need to book for my second one which needs to be at least three weeks after the first. Haven’t really had terrible side effects, just a bit of lethargy. I understand that many people are unable to get vaccinated and many choose not to. Others cannot, owing to medical conditions that make it unsafe for them to do so. I hope that all people who want access to a vaccine obtain it and that enough people are vaccinated globally to afford wide spread protection for all. While vaccine inequality remains, the virus continues to mutate.

For myself, getting vaccinated is very important as I have a number of underlying health conditions and also my mum, who is 73, lives with us. For me, it is like armour, a layer of protection. In addition, it affords protection to others I love and people I don’t even know. xo

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