2021 Week 38 Latest Finds and Life

Life has a nice flow at the moment. Many things are happening. Some are good, which is great. One thing that happened is really sad. Unfortunately one of our cats, Stimpy, has been diagnosed with renal disease. He’s our only male cat and very close to his sister, MiniFizz. He is on a special diet and is happy and well. I know. it’s a progressive disease and there will come a time when he’s not happy and his quality of life won’t be good anymore. That will be the difficult time when it’s time to say goodbye to him and make sure he has a peaceful passing. Everyone here was really sad about it 😦 We are all just making sure he is still happy and well.

My sister-in-law is coming to stay the night and I’m going to make a chicken curry for dinner as she loves it. Haven’t seen her in quite a while so I’m looking forward to seeing her face and talking about all the things.

I’ve been browsing in a couple of Op Shops and found a few treasures. These include some lovely old serving plates. One was made before 1930 and the other one was made during the WW2 in England. I really love them and the history associated with them is so interesting. I got them because they are lovely, but also because I was talking with my Mama about how we used to have Steamboats sometimes when I was a kid and then she went ahead and ordered one so I can invite family over for a Steamboat meal 🙂 I’m pretty excited about it! We are getting the one that needs charcoal rather than an electric one. A steamboat is a cooking vessel. You have a stock simmering away and you have platters (come in my serving plates) laden with all sorts of cut and prepared ingredients. These can be vegetables, noodles, meats, chicken, anything you love really. Each person has there own bowl and little wire basket/utensil and they choose whatever they like and put it in the simmering stock to cook and then take it out to eat. Sometimes it’s also known as Hotpot and is a Chinese cooking tradition. I love it 🙂 See below for a better explanation than mine.


I have also found some lovely books to add to my library 🙂 I’m getting ready to start University next semester and have been doing lots of preparation in the form of reading and online workshops and study modules. I’m really excited about that too. Also meant more books 🙂

My new diary and notebook for next year arrived. I decided on a classic Happy Planner and honestly upon unboxing I was definitely not disappointed. They are lovely 🙂 I’ve loved the diary I’ve been using this year and it only cost me $13 from the local newsagents, bonus!! I have also been using a monthly planner that cost $4 for meal planning and that has worked a treat. I have one ready to go for next year. I’m a bit of a stationary lover and I love planning it’s great to have things written down then I don’t need to try to remember everything because there is a lot to remember. I’d heard of Happy Planners and when I started checking them out online, I found one I loved and made it mine. Life is full and happy and I am grateful. I hope life is good for you too. xo

Interestingly, the larger of the serving plates was unearthed by me in the same thrift shop as the book called ‘Like Grandma Used to Make’ by Rebecca Sullivan. Even more interesting is that on the way I was flicking through that book and came upon a photograph that included some crockery of the same pattern and era!! So cool and completely unexpected 🙂 I’ll include a photograph below. From my preliminary investigations this pattern was discontinued in 1930 and was made by Johnson Brothers in England and I think the pattern is called Ningpo, but the makers marks has an F and also says Old Chelsea. See picture below. I’m not sure how correct my information is and I am still researching. I love the history of objects and I’m looking forward to finding out more!

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