2021 Week 39 Holiday at Home

It feels like we are having a bit of a holiday at the moment. I’m loving it very much. I’ve been camping out in the lounge room with some of the kids and we have been watching movies and shows. I mean that part is pretty normal around here, I guess it’s the camping out that makes it feel like a holiday. I have no idea why. Yesterday one of my sons decided to make some bread rolls and they were so good! I ate mine warm from the oven with butter and raspberry jam. Delicious! Another decided he would like Carbonara for lunch and so we made that together. For dinner I ended up making a chicken curry. I always put potatoes in because they get so soft and absorb the rich gravy. My silverbeet was ready for picking so I put a whole big bunch in too. My Mum/Mama, I use those names interchangeably, cut up the whole chicken for me and put the rice on, while carried on with the curry. How lovely, to spend time cooking together.

I’ve helped all the kids with their rooms during the week, at their requests. I mentioned to Nicholas that the stars must have been aligned because I can’t recall a time they all spontaneously wanted to do their rooms in the same week πŸ™‚ It was fun and I enjoyed being with each of them. We talk, we laugh and it feels lovely and gives me such comfort. I respect their rooms as their private space and they each like doing their own tidying and know they can always ask me to help if they like. I love that they do ask me. It feels special and I feel trusted. I like to offer my help too. My kids are such nice people and I love being with them.

Today one of the boys needed some clothes so we went to Target and he found what he needed. He needs new shoes as his are now a bit tight, but we went and looked in two shops and he did try some on but they weren’t a good fit, so he decided to give the shoe shopping a miss this trip. Thomas, the youngest has been wanting chicken nuggets from Hungry Jack’s, which is like Burger King in the U.S, so we went through the drive through and got some, along with cheeseburgers for everybody else. It was a good outing.

This Sunday we are taking the kids who are eligible are for their first COVID19 vaccination. Now we finally have enough vaccine in Western Australia, there is a big public health drive to get the population vaccinated before the Delta strain arrives. My second is dose is next week and I’m glad about that. We have been so far removed from any actual outbreaks here that I feel that if and when one does happen, many people will be in a bit of shock. I am positive that everything will be okay though because human beings are resilient and we adapt πŸ™‚

I hope this post finds you with a full heart and that you have some comfort in your life. xo

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