2021 Week 41 Museum

I went to the museum again 🙂 This time it was with Esme and Traie, our two eldest. The other kids didn’t want to come so they stayed home and had other fun with my mum. We went specifically to see the special exhibition on loan from The British Museum called Ancient Greeks, Triumph, Conquest and Epic Tales.

We took the train into the city from our nearest station, grabbed a drink and snack before heading in. We wandered around sharing amazement and conversation. I loved listening to them talking about the artefacts and life then and now. They are interesting, interested and funny 🙂 So many special memories. We went for lunch at our favourite Japanese restaurant and then had a bit of a walk around the city and headed back to the station to make the journey home. I took some pictures to share. So incredible to see items that are three thousand years old, right in front of you. xo

Some of the pictures show other exhibits and there are also a few from the start of a protest for action against Climate Change that Esme and Tarrant wanted to attend. The protest meeting point was Parliament House. There ended up being many attendees which was very encouraging. I hope that governments around the world, will make the necessary changes, to keep the warming of our planet within the safest levels possible.

The IPCC paper is available for anyone to read. Please take the time to read it if you are interested. I found the above speech informative and moving. We can do better, together. Keep hope alive in your heart. xo

Reports can be accessed at the above site.

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