2021 Week 42 Movie night

It’s Sunday when I’m writing this. We are having a movie night tonight with all the popcorn and snacks. I’m not sure what we are going to watch as we usually spend about ten minutes scrolling through Netflix or Stan to select something together.

It’s almost November and I’m thinking about ordering presents and planning food for the day. During November I usually write up documentation for home education for the following year, so I’m about to begin doing that. I have it planned out in my diary and I’ll do it steadily over four weeks. It needs to be presented in the academic subject groups currently outlined in the government curriculum. That is eight subject areas. I will write up two subject areas per person each day, Monday through Thursday. I feel that is very achievable. If I’m in the mood for writing more on any particular day, I can do that and then I. will be finished sooner. I also write an overview and I’m going to do that next weekend. It’s really the only time I think in terms of school type subject areas as I believe people of all ages, learn all the time as a part of living.

In December I will get to select my units for university semester 1. I have a pretty good idea of what I’m choosing so I feel fairly settled about that. The university sent me a course planner where they give you an example of the units you can choose. I didn’t think the choices they made were the best for me because I’m studying part-time. That means I actually have twice as much time to complete my course than the planner they sent me, which is five years. I had a good read through the units in the handbook and decided upon units which make more logical sense. Doing the units where you learn about writing and research in law first, makes more sense to me as they cover many of the skills needed for all units. For instance learning about the referencing conventions which are law specific and covered by the Australian Guide to Legal Citation Edition 4 is a good idea before writing a paper where you need to use that system of referencing. I’ve already been doing online workshops run by the university in preparation πŸ™‚ Also since I last studied there is software for referencing and I have managed to download it and add it to Word. I’ve had a play around with it too. I’m also reading a few books to get me warmed up. I think it’s safe to say I’m excited. By my planning, it will take me ten years to complete the course. I know it’s a long time but time will pass no matter what we are doing, so why not!? So I’ll start at 50 and finish at 60 πŸ™‚ They do offer a summer session so if I’m feeling really focused I can do a unit then as well. I’m not planning to, but we’ll see what happens.

I’ve also been exploring note taking and study methods that people use, to see if anything appeals to me. In law you need to work on making review notes all semester. These basically end up being a condensed version of the units content, presented in a manner which is usable during exams. They will include all the cases, issues, legislation covered in the unit and learning how to apply the law to different fact scenarios is the goal. Many of the exams are open book. It’s also a good idea to practice past exams as law exams are usually problem questions where you are given fact scenario and you need to spot the legal issues, state the rule/principle and/or legal precedents, apply and analyse possible defences in light of the former, discussing which outcome would likely prevail, including any relevant details from the reasoning of the judge/s such as the Obiter dictum (which is binding on lower courts), or why the ratio decidendi is more compelling. It’s also important who made a judgement, as Obiter from one judge in a higher court could be more compelling than ratio of another judge from a lower court etc. Finally you need state your conclusion deciding which defence will prevail and why. At this point you could acknowledge any missing or additional details in the fact scenario that would change the conclusion. Okay so that was a very rough and rudimentary explanation of what is known as the I.R.A.C method used in law. Basically, you need to be working on and condensing your notes from day one of the semester consistently to produce review notes. Law is quite different to other subjects and requires a different method.

When it comes to studying and time management, I like the Pomodoro method of timing yourself in twenty-five minute increments and having small breaks. I think I would need to stretch that out to maybe fort -five minute sessions. I have found so many great videos on YouTube πŸ™‚ I’ve also come across the Cornell note taking method which looks good. Anyway enough of my talk. I hope this post finds you well and happy. I’m feeling hopeful and hope you are too. xo

One of my kids, Tarry, made me this wallpaper of all our pets πŸ™‚ So cute!

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