2021 Week 48 Whoosh

That is the sound of time flying by once again! With all my writing for Home Education for next years meeting with the Education Department finished over a week ago, it’s time to focus on my other list of projects. There are many of them!

Over the Christmas holidays I plan to get a worm farm going and also a composting system. I’m pretty excited about both of these projects. We are also going to build a chicken coop with a nice run for the chickens we plan to acquire and I am extremely excited about this 🙂 Nicholas has already begun collecting second hand/discarded items that we can use in the construction. We will make a trip to the refuse shop of our landfill site where I plan on sourcing an old screen door for the chicken coop and who knows what else we will find. A worm farm is also on my list 🙂

I also have lots of reading I want to do as well. From cookbooks to novels and law books 🙂 I have been trying out a time management system of sorts. It consists of methods I already use, my diary and a main calendar in the kitchen but I have added a daily list and at the bottom of that list I note down things I need to remember and I add those into my diary the next day (thanks Cal Newton’s Red Book and the various YouTubers who told me about this method of time management for students). I also use the calendar on my phone and add events and reminders for appointments and payments and budget items. I keep my list out where I have access to it during the day. It’s basically a to do list and anything I don’t mange to get done, I add to a different day in my diary or straight to my list for the next day if I have the time available. I just need to be careful that I don’t try and do all the things. The idea is to prioritise and manage time effectively. This includes time for leisure and relaxation. This idea of course isn’t new to me, and I have used to do lists before but this easily list is simple and I only see tasks I hope to complete on the day. Today is a day to relax and I am enjoying it very much 😉 I am currently working out our food for Christmas Day with input from everybody. I’m going for delicious and easy to prepare so we can all relax and enjoy each others company on the day. I hope your plans are going well and that you’re happy. xo

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